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Our commitment to assisting and serving people of our Choctaw Nation to achieve their dreams begins as soon as life begins. As Choctaws, each of us know the honor and responsibility of making sure that our voices and impact are stronger on the world around us with each passing generation – and education of our members is the critical first step. The better our education, the better the ability of our people achieve any goal, and attainment of goals leads to stronger families, a stronger community, and a brighter future for our Nation.

Dawn of Life - Laying the Foundation for Success

Choctaw Headstart – Now operates five day a week in 14 centers across the Nation. We must continue to focus improvements in the lives of children throught the various aspects addressed of education, health, nutrition, and family, and that is what will foster wellness of an entire family. We have STAR (Success Through Academic Recognition) –  STAR encourages our Choctaw children in grades 2-12, attending any accredited school globally, to make commitment to education a priority. Through recognition and reward  incentives for tenacity and academic achievement, STAR has helped our youth to improve graduation rates, open future academic doors, and foster the knowledge that any goal can be attained with the proper foundation laid and goal pursued. For more information on this outstanding program, please click here.

Preparing For The Future

With our commitment to equip our members with tools necessary to succeed, the Choctaw Nation’s Career Development Program is continuing to expand. I will continue the emphases placed on guidance services to consider careers which fit skill sets, help with obtaining certificates and training needed to make career goals a reality, and employment service assistance when our member is ready to join the workforce. For more information, please visit http://choctawcareers.com

The Adult Vocational Training program already provides many people with 24 months of training. As technology advances, we must be able to expand this program so we can continue their education throughout their careers to gain new skills and certifications. The Grant and Scholarship programs for college education have given many a chance to attend college and should be expanded so that the next generation is well equipped for the challenges ahead.

From the playacting as a child a future thought of being a doctor, an astronaut, a scientist, or an inventor or teacher, to the realization of that dream we see coming to reality as our strong young men and women are completing high school, graduating college, and achieving in the workplace and having families of their own…my thought every day as a caretaker of our legacy is on ways we can strengthen our voices through their achievements knitting our communities together. Through providing tools to maximize the  achievements of those who will soon take their turn to lead our Nation, education is a commitment that I will continue to invest in with the valuable return of strong families, successful members, pride in our accomplishments, and a self-sustaining Nation with nothing but the brightest days ahead.

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